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PLEASE NOTE: Always be sure to install the solar panel assembly in a location where the Sun's DIRECT RAYS strike the panel for AT LEAST 4 HOURS each day. Lack of sufficient sunlight directly on the solar panel is the #1 cause for the 'Fireflies' to stop working. SEE THIS



Open the Box


for the Interactive
Instruction Booklet

Locate and identify the following items:

1 - Solar Panel Assembly with two AA Ni-Cd Batteries
2 - Assembly Pin
3 - Mounting Stake
4 - 'Firefly' Cluster ( FMS-14 has 2 Clusters- FMS-07 has 1 Cluster)
5 - Quik-e-ties™ (30 each Model FMS-14)
6 - Instruction Booklet (includes English and Spanish instructions)

Select Location to Install

Select where you want to install your Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights:

using Solar Power

using Battery Power


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