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Firefly Magic® Firefly Lighting is used in commercial venues around the world, including theme parks, restaurants, shopping centers, resorts, casinos, zoos, nature centers, museums, and a variety of other commercial locations.

In order to meet the unique and specific requirements for custom commercial installations, we have lighting design engineers ready to work with you.

The commercial Firefly Magic® Firefly Lighting products typically operate on standard 12VAC landscape lighting systems; however, they can be customized to work on any voltage from 6 Volts to 220 Volts, AC or DC.

We have the ability to customize virtually every part of the 'Firefly' System, including the following:

- Firefly Colors
- Firefly Luminance or Brightness
- Firefly Size
- Firefly Viewing Angles
- Firefly Flash Rates
- Firefly Flash Patterns
- Number of Fireflies per Module
- Firefly Wire Type and Gauge
- Firefly Wire Lengths
- Firefly Power Wire Length
- Create Moving or 'Flying' Fireflies

We have designed and manufactured a wide variety of 'Firefly' systems from Magic Illusions to on-stage props, to parade floats and many others.

We're always happy to discuss your custom commercial requirements.
You can contact us M-F from 9AM to 5PM Pacific time at (877) 834-7335 or


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