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  • I opened the new box & something is missing

    with the identification of the part(s) that's missing, the store name and location, and date you purchased the product. Be sure to include your name, address, and the phone number where you can be reached.


  • My 'Fireflies' don't light up

  • STEP 1
    Be sure the 'Firefly' Cluster Plug(s) are firmly pressed all the way into the jacks on the bottom side of the Solar Panel assembly. If the plugs are completely in, just twist them back and forth a few times to help the electrical connection.

    STEP 2
    Be sure the ON-OFF Switch located on the bottom side of the Solar Panel assembly is set to the ON position. When new, sometimes it take sliding the switch back and forth a few times between the ON and OFF positions to get the contacts aligned.

    STEP 3
    Sometimes, during shipping, the batteries move inside the battery compartment. To be sure the contacts are good, open the battery compartment door, then press the batteries into position. Next, while leaving them in place, just spin each battery a couple times to be sure the battery ends are making good connection with the terminals inside the battery compartment.

    STEP 4
    Be sure the batteries are correctly installed with the positive terminal (+) toward the small metal square - NOT THE SPRING. Also, be sure that the spring is pressed straight against the Negative

    STEP 5
    If you have just setup your 'Fireflies' for the first time, it's possible the rechargeable batteries are not fully charged. To be sure the unit is working properly, install two standard AA alkaline batteries, then turn the ON-OFF switch to the ON position while watching the 'Fireflies'. If all the 'Fireflies' light up and then flicker and fade off, the unit is working correctly.

    Reinstall the rechargeable batteries, and place the Solar Panel Assembly in a outdoor location where it will receive direct sunlight for at least 1 full day. Be sure the ON - OFF switch is set to the OFF position which allows ALL the electricity from the solar panel to go into the rechargeable batteries.

    STEP 6
    If the 'Fireflies' still don't light when the two new standard AA Alkaline batteries are installed and the switch is in the ON position, please carefully recheck the above steps #1-3. If they still do not work, see ADDITIONAL HELP and SUPPORT Section below.


  • How long will the Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries last?

    Depending on the climate they're used in, Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries will last from 1 to 2 years. When they're replaced, be sure to send them to a recycling center.

    You can replace the Ni-Cd batteries with another set of Ni-Cd's, or install Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. See the BATTERY INFORMATION Section.

    Replacement rechargeable batteries can be purchased HERE.


  • Some of the 'Fireflies' have been Cut-off or Damaged

    Even if one or more 'Fireflies' are damaged or cut-off, the remaining 'Fireflies' will continue to work.

    Replacement 'Firefly' Cluster can be purchased HERE.


  • Something has been broken

    Replacement parts and accessories can be purchased HERE.


  • Why aren't Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights made in the USA?

    When we invented Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights, and received the patent for their new and unique operation, we also began manufacturing them in Apple Valley, California. Sales on our Website increased, and we began receiving calls from retail stores wanting to carry them. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of labor and manufacturing we were unable to meet production demand.

    Another issue was placing all those little 'Firefly' LEDs on the ends of their own individual wires. This must be performed by hand, as soldering these tiny little connections just can't be automated and so there's lots and lots of labor involved . . . over 60 individual, tiny, hand soldered connections on the FMS-14 unit.

    To offer Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights to a larger number of consumers could only be accomplished by moving production off-shore. However, all the designs, tooling, manufacturing, and quality standards are controlled by us and certified by SGS Group.

    We also continue to design and manufacture our custom Firefly Magic® units in Apple Valley for theme parks, nature centers, zoos, restaurants, and other commercial venues around the world.


  • Why are the ‘Firefly’ wires wrapped so tightly in the box, because it takes a while to unwrap and straighten them?

    While developing the new box for Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights we were very aware of the need to meet the latest Green Packaging Initiatives introduced by Wal-Mart in 2007, known as the “Sustainable Scorecard”. We felt that if we met the Wal-Mart criteria, then we will likely satisfy the requirements of other retail organizations.

    A key element to meeting the new packaging standard was a reduction in box materials and the use of recyclable materials.

    The new Firefly Magic® box design reduced the environmental impact of the package by 72% while incorporating 100% recyclable packaging materials. Therefore, the box is more compact and the components more tightly packed, but the end result is a more environmentally friendly package that we’re very proud of.

    When the weather is warm, the wires are easily straightened after being in the sun for a few minutes. When it's cold, the wires can be straightened by repeatedly running through warm fingers, or heated by using a hot air hair dryer.


  • Additional Help and Support

    If you have followed all the instructions and are still having a problem, please call 1-877-834-7335 Monday - Friday 9AM to 4PM Pacific Time, or



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